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Organizing Chaos: Printing a Children’s Book

I thought my printing project would provide an opportunity to represent children’s capricious reading practices with pages that were out of order, visual representations of homophonic misreadings, child-like marginalia, and prints from children’s grubby fingers. Imagine my surprise when a project that supposedly represented a chaotic encounter with narrative became, in fact, a very organized […]

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Printing Performance: Snakes and Other Blips

My all-time favorite freakshow-related story has to be the one about Charles Eisenmann and the Snakes.   In the only extant study of Eisenmann’s cartes-des-visite, Monsters of the Gilded Age, Michael Mitchell briefly mentions a series of negatives that managed to capture Jane Devere’s or Amy Arlington’s unattended snakes slithering about the studio.  In response […]

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BAM Colloquium this Friday

Please join us for the Year-End Colloquium for Graduate Students in “BAM.” Designated Emphasis in Book, Archive, and Manuscript Studies – Friday, June 7, 10:00am to Noon English Department Conference Room (HMNSS 2212) Presentations by Steve Anderson, Cori Knight, and Heather Van Mouwerik Display of printshop projects by Rebecca Addicks, Ann Garascia, Cori Knight, […]

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Turn the Source into the Problem

In my previous post on the Global Archivalities Research Network, I described the recent virtual conference and the range of topics discussed. The concept of addressing the “social logics” of the archive was compelling, and it helps to reframe the discourse involving archival studies as one of complexity and imagination. Another interesting concept, presented at […]

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